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Our mission is to create, maintain, certify, and protect University records of courses, degrees, and students. Mooov-In is our annual check-in event for students moving to campus. Your local network may be rejecting traffic from the proxy server, which helps off-campus users to connect to databases and online journals. If you administer your own personal firewall, then you will have to make an exception for To set up an eProxy, the proxy must have a UT EID and the authorization granter must have an upgraded UT EID.

  1. Learn everything you need to know about applying to live in our residence halls.
  2. Dobie Twenty21 does not close for these break periods, and we do not prorate the installments.
  3. You can also apply for Living Learning Communities (LLCs).
  4. See our Dobie Twenty21 rates page for comprehensive billing and payment details.
  5. For more information, see eProxy Central and eProxy Tutorials.
  6. Your local network may be rejecting traffic from the proxy server, which helps off-campus users to connect to databases and online journals.

A high assurance UT EID is required to view this page. Go to My Tuition Bill online to charge the total amount due to your MasterCard or Discover. Read your Residence Hall Manual to learn about the rules and regulations of Dobie Twenty21. Yes, it is deducted from the total amount shown on your contract. If you use the IHS databases (US Industry standards), then you also want to add an exception for port 443.

Transfer Students: Log in to MyUT

If you do not pay your fee bill, you will not be registered. Your fee bill will be emailed to your designated address on 29 Apr. If you do not receive your fee bill, it is still your responsibility to pay by the deadline.

There are two options available for paying online directly from your bank account. To select either option, go to My Tuition Bill online. Electronic payments that are returned to the University, regardless of the reason, will be treated the same as returned checks. Tuition and financial bars cannot be paid by electronic funds if you have a “no personal check” restriction with Student Accounts Receivable. If payment is approved, the registration system will give you an authorization code confirming the transaction. A convenience charge will be added to all tuition and mandatory fee payments made by credit card.

These installments are due Fri 17 Feb and Fri 23 Mar, whether or not the student receives the bill. Review your methods of payment and our payment plans. Room assignments are made in housing application date order.

From deadlines to resume tips, our admissions counselors are here to help you every step of the way. In addition to the checklist above, please review the following steps to ensure you’re ready for your semester with us. If none of these solutions work, please report the problem to the Ask A Librarian email.

Pay with a Tuition Loan

It lists each class being offered, its time, location, instructor (if available), and its unique number—which students must know in order to register. The course schedule also lets you know when to register and pay tuition. It is updated with ut eproxy the latest changes, and shows if seats are available in each class. An eProxy is someone who has obtained a UT EID and has been granted the authority to access another person’s electronic records through the web services offered here at UT.

You are expected to register at your earliest opportunity. Your tuition/fee bill notification will be sent to your e-mail address on file in the registrar’s office. If your addresses are not correct on the RIS, or if you wish to update them after your initial registration access, correct your address online by 5pm, 25 Apr.

Anyone who has lost their UT ID card or has had it stolen should report it immediately and deactivate it. Replacement ID cards can be obtained at the ID Center for a $10 fee. The bill can be seen on the student’s What I Owe page. ITS Service Desk provides IT support services related to EID, DUO, Office 365, email, Qualtrics, Box, and other central IT services. You can also use the Check UT Libraries’ Bookmark to check for access when using links without the proxy.

Our on-campus residence halls provide worry-free living environments designed to help you thrive. They offer unique communities full of resources, support, convenience, events and thousands of fellow Longhorns. Options range from mixed- and same-gender residence halls to dedicated Living Learning Communities. We prioritize incoming first-time freshmen in our contract process and may limit the number of contracts we offer to other students based on the expected size of the incoming class. Checks or money orders may be deposited in the drop slot near the entrance to MAI 12.


From eProxy Central, eProxy applicants can click Request To Be an eProxy and complete the eProxy application. The majority of private donor scholarships are disbursed through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). In most cases, scholarship donors will send checks directly to the university for processing, but not always.

Students who submit their application early are more likely to receive their top preferences. Since the academic year housing application opens on August 1, students who wait to apply for housing may not receive their top housing preferences. Full payment or confirmation of attendance must be received no later than the payment deadline in the registration sequence table or as instructed at the time of registration.


The balance owed will be listed on your first statement. Read your Residence Hall Manual to learn about the rules and regulations of residence hall life. Please visit the Family and Friend Expanded Roommate Option webpage for more information. Although we try our best to satisfy your roommate choice, roommate preferences are not guaranteed for those offered late contracts and supplemental contract holders. The vending machine card readers check to see if your account balance is $0.05 more than the most expensive item in the machine, then only charges you for your selection.

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